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‘Ex Occultus’ updates

April 8th, 2011 — 9:00am

1. A brand-new issue of the Ex Occultus: Wakefield’s Journal series (“The Nineveh Assignment” is posted (and FREE as always) right here.  Words by me, Art by the fabulous David Niehaus, and letters by the gregariously wonderful Jeff Pfaller. Great little story. (And, again, FREE.)

2. We’re introducing our newest Ex Occultus one-shot, “The Black King” (pictured above), and have posted some initial sketches here.  We’re going to be featuring a new page ever week starting soon, so stay tuned for this one.

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New FREE Ex Occultus comic at Saint James

December 2nd, 2010 — 1:43pm

Howdy. There’s a new Ex Occultus comic up at Saint James Comics written by my good friend Jeff (Twitter handle @pfallerj).

It’s free (and quite fantastic), so make sure you check it out.

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Invest Comics reviews ‘Ex Occultus: Badge of Langavat’

July 28th, 2010 — 8:39am

New review of the first Saint James comic I wrote, Ex Occultus “Badge of Langavat” now online.

Check it out here.

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EX OCCULTUS: WAKEFIELD’S JOURNAL “The Wicked King” now online (and FREE)

June 8th, 2010 — 11:37pm

Lots of quotes in that title. Eep!

The newest story in the monthly Ex Occultus: Wakefield’s Journal series of stories is now live on the Saint James site. The synopsis:

1875. While accompanying an Antarctic expedition lead by the acerbic Admiral Wilkes, a man lusting for revenge against a mythical creature called the ningen, Wakefield and Hollander find themselves stranded on the ice, nearly done in by his obsession.

Check out the story (for FREE) right here.

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All the “Seal of Solomon” reviews you could ever want…in one place!

May 25th, 2010 — 10:49am

We’ve consolidated all of the reviews of the newest Ex Occultus one-shot “Seal of Solomon” over at the Saint James site so it’s easier for you, the reader, to do your thing and check them out.

The full list is here (under the image).

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Interview with Cosmic Book News

May 17th, 2010 — 10:20am

My Saint James partner Jesse Young and I did an interview with the comic book site Cosmic Book News – where we discussed the comic industry, our series, the nature of digital publishing and more – which you can check out here.


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Free comics!

May 4th, 2010 — 8:40pm

So, the comics I write for Saint James Comics are available to buy a variety of ways online (for mucho cheaper than what the print versions go for,just FYI), and there’s a new company called WOWIO carrying our wares that’s been making some great headway as of late with their digital comic offerings.

Anyway, the cool part: right now, thanks in part to a company called Logic, you can get 5 free comic downloads via WOWIO.  Like, you literally have to do nothing.  Sign up (for FREE), and pick any five comics you want.  Saint James has three comics I’ve written up on WOWIO (which you can see here–two Ex Occultus comics and the first issue of Indego Blue), so, you know, if you get those three, you have two left to use on…whatever. :)

Anyway, click here and look for the image on the left (which is on the bottom of the screen)…then just follow the instructions, check out the Saint James library, and you’re all set.


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‘Ex Occultus: Seal of Solomon’ reviewed by Aint It Cool News!

April 7th, 2010 — 11:38am

Man, some days all your hard work really does pay off.  In this case, getting a glowing review the newest Ex Occultus comic I wrote (“Seal of Solomon”) from the gang over at Aint It Cool News  just makes any and all stresses melt away.

If you’re not familiar, this is one of the BIGGEST movie/comic/TV news sites on the web, so the fact they not only read and liked the comic, but featured it in their Wednesday post is just plain awesome.  A bit of what the reviewer, Mr. Pasty, had to say:

What I like most about this book is how Russell slowly peels back the layers of his narrative so that as we get further into the story we begin to understand that returning the ring to its rightful (?) owner is just a small piece of this supernatural puzzle.

Yay! Check out the full review here, and, don’t make me remind you again, folks…you can get your very own copy of “Seal of Solomon” right here.

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‘EX OCCULTUS: SEAL OF SOLOMON’ now on sale! Buy a copy and support a hungry artist!

March 31st, 2010 — 9:24am

As you may or may not know, I write a few series of comics for Saint James Comics. I’m proud to say that the newest one-shot I wrote for the Ex Occultus series is now available for purchase. Woo!

Series overview: Ex Occultus is a globetrotting, serialized epic combining elements of Indiana Jones, H. P. Lovecraft and The X-Files as it follows the exploits of adventurer and fortune-hunter Francis Wakefield, the gruff and grizzled Englishman with a tortuous past, and his protégé, a young man only known as Hollander, as they journey through the arcane in search of treasures and fortune, righting wrongs as they go.

The first one-shot I wrote, “Badge of Langavat,” was sort of a prequel to the series, following Wakefield before he met up with, and subsequently took under his tutelage, young Hollander. It involves werewolves in Scotland and you can get your own copy right here.

“Seal of Solomon” takes place in 1874 in Sofia, Bulgaria, and finds Wakefield and Hollander tracking down a ring of supernatural origins that may or may not have demon-culling abilities (hint: it does). You can get your own copy of this one right here.

On top of all of that, if you haven’t already heard me pimp them before, there are FREE monthly Ex Occultus adventures on the Saint James website available right now. These are 8-page mini adventures that fill in the gap between full issues, drawn by a plethora of talented artists. Check them out here (again…for FREE).

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Photos from I-CON 2010

March 29th, 2010 — 11:12am

James Emmett (see below), artist of the Ex Occultus one-shot “Seal of Solomon” I wrote for Saint James Comics, attended I-CON this past weekend in New York.  There he was invited to join nine different panels and talk about comics, film, Saint James, and “Seal of Solomon” itself.

There’s a nice little slideshow of pics over at the Saint James site, which you can check out here.  There’s also a FREE 8-page preview of Ex Occultus “Seal of Solomon” right here.

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