The Curse of the Drinking Class reviews ‘Sex Scene’

One of the most creative and insightful reviews thus far for Sex Scene: An Anthology comes via the wonderful website The Curse of the Drinking Class (which describes itself as “a sardonic book blog of lists”).

Why so creative, then? Well, as mentioned above, the site works off of lists, so for Sex Scene, they listed “6 Moods”–6 hand-picked pieces from the anthology and the songs they believe best represent them.  I have to say, it’s quite fantastic and startlingly accurate.

An excerpt:

The collection of vignettes and short stories in Sex Scene: An Anthology attempt to unravel the web of human desire (if there was a theme song to the anthology, it would be Bjork’s Human Behaviour). And, just like in the movies, they land up doing much more. This collection of stories not only points to the nuances of our desires, but each scene is a prism, hinting at an infinitely more complex spectrum of human behaviour.

Oh yes. Make sure you give this one a read…and a listen. Check out the full review here.

‘Ex Occultus: Seal of Solomon’ reviewed by Aint It Cool News!

Man, some days all your hard work really does pay off.  In this case, getting a glowing review the newest Ex Occultus comic I wrote (“Seal of Solomon”) from the gang over at Aint It Cool News  just makes any and all stresses melt away.

If you’re not familiar, this is one of the BIGGEST movie/comic/TV news sites on the web, so the fact they not only read and liked the comic, but featured it in their Wednesday post is just plain awesome.  A bit of what the reviewer, Mr. Pasty, had to say:

What I like most about this book is how Russell slowly peels back the layers of his narrative so that as we get further into the story we begin to understand that returning the ring to its rightful (?) owner is just a small piece of this supernatural puzzle.

Yay! Check out the full review here, and, don’t make me remind you again, folks…you can get your very own copy of “Seal of Solomon” right here.