New comic “A Splendid Failure” at Collected Rejections

I’m thrilled to have my new comic “A Splendid Failure” featured in Collected Rejections‘ “On Rejection” series. This series features writers discussing painful rejections and what they learned from them; given the direction of my work these days, I opted to turn my interview into a comic where I discuss two failed novels and how this pushed me toward graphic memoir.

I have a snippet below, and you can read the full thing here. A big thanks to Valorie Clark for asking me to take part!

New Cover Art for Great Plains Quarterly

I‘m thrilled to share that my cover art has been featured on the latest issue of Great Plains Quarterly! This is my first-ever cover & I’m incredibly grateful to the GPQ team for giving me this opportunity.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Great Plains region or just want to check out some stunning work, I highly recommend picking up a copy of the new issue. You can find it online at, or through the University of Nebraska Press.

New comic “Midwest Moon Walk” at The New Territory

Honored to have a comic—my first in print!—in Issue 13 of The New Territory. I was asked to make a comic about a place in the Lower Midwest that speaks to me. I chose Toadstool Geological Park, way up in northwestern Nebraska, a place so full of wonder and awe.

(Info on Toadstool.)

Highly recommend picking up a copy of this gorgeous issue yourself.

How to Draw _____. (w/ RJR)

Howdy, friend! I’m starting a monthly-ish newsletter: HOW TO DRAW _____. (w/ RJR)

Each newsletter will focus on a craft drawing essay and prompt—the first one will focus on DRAWING YOURSELF, the how and why of avatar creation, and what my process has looked like over the years. (Below, a sample of what my own avatars have looked like.)

I’ll also include news and updates, behind-the-scenes looks as I work on my graphic memoir HARD BODY, and other books/movies/music/things I’m currently obsessing over. I hope you’ll consider signing up!


New comic “Vessel” at The Offing

As I continue to search for meaning in my corporeal form, I’m elated and grateful to have this comic in The Offing about bodily reclamation through tattoos, their history, and how they can help us take back our narratives.

A huge thanks to the amazing Katrina Mohn for working with me on this and the following wonderful folks for allowing me to share their tattoo stories in this comic: Shannon Frost Greenstein, Will McMillan, Eric Boyd, Teo Shannon, Erin Fitzgerald, Sarah Sun, Lauren Opet Deutsche, and Killian Czuba.

Here’s a snippet. Read the whole thing here.