The foot fist way

Wait, do you study tae kwon do?  No? 


Oh, that’s right!  I study tae kwon do….IN KOREA!

It’s pretty exciting, actually.  We meet twice a week at the dojo and then basically practice kicks/punches/combo moves until we can’t bend our extremeties any longer.  Let me assure you, though, that being tall and lanky does NOT help me out in any regard.  It makes things very, very awkward, most of the time, when I try to do anything.  Stupid, long legs.


(The gang getting ready before class.)

Anyway, we get free uniforms and everything, so it’s pretty rad.  The Incheon Board of Education is giving us the first two months worth of classes for free, as well, just to show us some Korean culture, but I’m pretty sure I’ll continue on afterward.  It’s a really, really good time and it truly is a cool/unique way to see more of Korea.


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