Seoul World DJ Festival/Seoul Racepark: Best weekend…ever?

Okay, so not this past weekend, but the weekend before, was like the best weekend ever!

On that Saturday I went to the 2nd World DJ Festival in Seoul, which, truth be told, was not very DJ-esque.  It was, more or less, a fine assortment of some great asian rock bands, some with techno beats, most without.  Still cool, though.  A band I actually really like, Cornelius, played there, so the $20 cover was well worth it.  Great, great show.

Here’s a few pics:And here’s a quick couple videos so you can get an idea of how many people were there:

Great, great times.

Then, on Sunday, my friend Mike and I went to the Seoul Racepark – the biggest, most splendid horse track in all of Korea.  It was intimidating, to say the least.  The only horsetrack I’ve ever been to was in Phoenix, with my brother-in-law, and I let him do all the betting for me.  Seoul Racepark does, however, have a “foreigners’ lounge” where everything is in English, so that was pretty great.  The races were about once an hour and Mike and I ended up only being albe to bet on one, but we both won.  I bet 3 bucks and won 6.5, he bet 10 and won 16.  Small amount, yes, but still cool to win.  My horse’s name was “Happy Go” – I chose him for no other reason than that.

Next time, we’re going to bring a bunch of people and camp out.  There are, typically, eleven races in a day, every Saturday and Sunday.  You can bring your own food/beer/etc., and there is this great big park connected at the side and in the center of the track you can hang out in (with fountains, statues, etc.).

Anyway, check out the pics, see for yourself:And, again, here’s a video for your veiwing pleasure:


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