Read “Blood Quantum” FREE for a limited time!

So, I’m trying something new out here.

Below is the wonderful application known as Bookbuzzr.  Basically, you can read my Western short story “Blood Quantum” by clicking the book image below (click the full-screen button), then flip through it like you would an actual (hardcopy) book.  Crazy, huh!?

I won’t have this up forever, so…you know…do your thing…

2 thoughts on “Read “Blood Quantum” FREE for a limited time!

  1. Very good. I like westerns, even though they are considered unsalable. I just might have to invest some money so I can read the whole thing. My eyes can only take so much of the bookbuzzr ap.

  2. You can actually get the PDF for free on my Lulu Storefront. Let me know what you think!

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