Interview on COVERED podcast

I recently chatted with Harry C. Marks on his COVERED podcast (Season 2, Episode 3) about my novel Mesilla, Elmore Leonard, Gone Girl, Literati Bookstore, and more.

cover170x170Completely honored to have been asked to take part. COVERED is a gorgeously produced podcast about writers and their books. Whether it’s fiction or non, short stories or long, sweeping epics, Harry digs down in each episode to learn the stories behind the stories, the whys and hows of their creation, and what readers and aspiring authors can learn from the process.

I am not quiet about my love of the literary community, and podcasts like this that dig in deep, talk to the authors, get to know the stories behind the books, are critically important. Please give it a listen, and if you enjoy it, take a minute to rate/review the podcast on iTunes. It’s how they’re able to reach a wider audience.

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