‘Dangerous Minds’ aint got nothin’ on me

Okay, so I’m referencing that “great” Michelle Pfeiffer film where she tries to do some “good” at a very understaffed, and overly-ganged public school.  My job is nowhere near as dangerous, but I couldn’t come up with anything else, so just deal with it.

At any rate, and finally, some pictures of my school/students/etc. await below.  Make sure to read the captions with the pics (mostly so I don’t have to type them out here). 

Jak Jeon High School (sometimes spelled Jakjeon) is an all boys school with about 1500 students – basically a lot of kids.  My classes are around 40 students each, and then I have one other Korean teacher with me at all times. My classroom is called the “English Zone,” which they pronounce “John”, and they come to me from their homerooms during the designated hours.  I also have a desk in the teacher’s lounge, which is very surreal in itself, seeing as I spent so much of my younger days without access to this holy ground.

All-in-all, though, they’re good kids here.  Very, very shy kids, but good.  Some really do want to learn English, others have no interest.  It’s trying to find the middle ground for everyone that’s proven difficult so far.  But, as I’ve previously mentioned, I really do enjoy the job.  I think it’s fascinating to be part of something like this and…well, I just get a good feeling from it all.

Enjoy the pics and ciao.

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