“Seoul” searching


Ha.  Okay, I know that title is nothing but cheese, but it still cracks me up.

I went to Seoul last weekend, did some shopping and visited a cool and “artsy” street in the district known as Insa-dong (which is known for antiques and where most of these pictures were taken).  It was a beautiful, gorgeous day out.  Some odd characters, per usual, made their rounds, but there was fantastic people watching to be had.

Anyway, not much more to say about it.  Seoul is massive and really, really cool city.  A younger, hip vibe to it all and from Incheon it only costs about $2.50 to get there and back on the subway.  Pretty good deal, actually. 

Oh! And I finally found some good Mexican food, along with a Subway and Quiznos, all of which are rare finds here.  I pigged out, needless to say.


2 thoughts on ““Seoul” searching

  1. Hey Rob from the Abbey,

    There is Mexican food in Incheon….in China Town nonetheless….couldn’t tell you if it’s good though. I was in Insadong too last Saturday and I saw a protest march starting, over what I couldn’t tell you, but police were in full battle bregalia. I also seen a homeless man drink water from a puddle on the road and napping against a no parking sign. I almost took a picture, but restrained myself. That would be bad publicity for Korea.

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