A day at the beach

Okay, so I went to Busan this past weekend to visit my friend Rosa. I didn’t end up taking too many pictures, though. All-in-all, it was a cool town, just really similar to Incheon (but with a beach), so I didn’t feel like I needed to.

Anyway, the train trip down to Busan took about three hours on one of those bullet trains and it was pretty sweet. I finally got to see the Korean countryside and it is beautiful. Ugh, mountains. I can’t believe how much I missed mountains. There are some by where I live, just smaller ones. In fact, I see them every day on my walk to school. But, the mountains down south…just spectactular.

Anyway, I tired some octopus and green onion pancakes (delicious) and some dried squid (really pretty good), so I felt like my trip was a success.

Here’s some pics and there’s also some random images of Incheon and Tiffany’s birthday celebration in there as well:Oh, and a few more things. First, here’s a vid of Rosa’s neighborhood, just to show you a Korean town other than Incheon (she lives just outside of Busan, not actually in it).

And next, well…we went to this bar that specializes in embarrassing patrons celebrating their birthdays. Basically, the lights go out, loud music and a DJ start working it, then some guy comes over juggling bottles of champagne. After his routine, he opens the bottle then dumps it all on the birthday boy/girl. Pretty crazy, but pretty funny too. Here you go:


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