On a side note

I had a conversation with a friend of mine two days ago about meeting people throughout your life.  About making friends and developing bonds and about changing things often and becoming unstuck in a sense. 

Her fear was that it’s hard, being a young person these days, because you are constantly on the go.  You meet people and you become friend with them, you know their idiosynchrasies and you know their habits and then you move. 

College is a good example.  You make a good group of friends, sometimes for all four years, and then after graduation you go your separate ways.  Not always, mind you, but most of the time.  And it’s hard, because you’ve already left your friends from high school, even though maybe you still keep in touch with them.

And then you work a job somewhere.  Or, in some cases, you move overseas to teach English.  You find all new friends in this new and strange environment.  Then they leave in a year, the contracts are up.  And they spread farther apart this time.  Then you move home and start all over again.  And it’s a viscious cycle, really.  But, I think that’s the nature of it, right?  I mean, we’re always meeting new people and doing new things and having to start over, in a sense.  If not with friends, with jobs.  With relationships and hobbies.  With cars and pets and things.

Anyway, just a thought. 

And, on a lighter note, here’s what around $30 dollars in Korea buys:


Okay, so the pic is a little squished, but you get the idea.  Plates of meat, folks.  Beer and soju.  All the side dishes you could possibly want to indulge in.  There were, I think, maybe ten of us and we ALL got full and had to pay around maybe three bucks each?

I love it.  So those of you who were worried that I might not be eating well and/or enough, fear not.  I am.


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