New story “We Were Young and Nothing Was Simple” published at GLR

I’m thrilled to have my story “We Were Young and Nothing Was Simple” included as part of Great Lakes Review‘s Narrative Map feature:

We talked about doing doughnuts next winter in the parking lot of the school and compared notes on how best to achieve one. Of driving vanfuls of friends to the movies, no longer being dependent on our parents or older brother and sisters. About how cool it would be to finally be able to go on real dates, to drive—ourselves—to pick up the girls, open the door for them and park at Saint Mark Lutheran—way in the back, where you can’t be seen from the road—play a CD and just see what happens.

For those not in the know, GLR is collecting stories from all over the Great Lakes Region in the hopes of creating a robust narrative map. It’s a fantastic idea—and they already have some magnificent pieces—so definitely check it out.

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