New story “Dead Dogs” at Revolution John

My story “Dead Dogs” is up at the fantastic journal Revolution John, a story about drugs and borders and mothers and sons:

So Blake studies the sky, dawn quickly fading to night, stands and surveys the river. Alone, he unwraps the blanket, admires the dog—a mutt, looks like he has some Rottweiler in him—then the stitched-up gash running along its breast, black string glistening from the leaking fluids, its eyes already turning the color of milk. Blake sniffs, loud, then spits out into the river, picks up the dog and tosses it overboard. Once in the water he waits, watches it float back to the surface, and with his fishing net he pushes it west, southeast toward Detroit, and watches as the water carries it gently forward, bobbing amongst the waves toward the other side.

Thanks to Eric Boyd and Sheldon Lee Compton at Revolution John for taking this—so honored to be included.

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