6 thoughts on “New short story: “Quick Brown Fox”

  1. damn. I wanted to read about why you are not an erotica writer!

    You’re a writer. And a damn good one. Who needs categories? Maybe that’s what you said! I shall never know.

  2. Ha. It was mostly me just rambling on…and I published it without really thinking. Figure the world is better having removed it.

    Thanks, and you’re right: No one needs categories. That IS the point.

  3. I think ‘erotica’ is a particularly constraining category. It’s not until you come across ‘erotica’ that you think anything is ‘erotic’. Stuff is either hot, or horny, or weird, or a turn-off or beautiful or sexy or whatever. But you don’t feel erotic do you? Unless you’re Madonna.

    I describe GPP as writing at the ‘sidelines of pornography’ because our work deals with sex but it doesn’t fit a commercial/consumerist genre.

  4. It is constraining…most “categories” are, I think. I think we’re ever-growing and evolving, and I know for me, my writing goes across many genres, you know?

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