Interview at Fiction Writers Review

I am completely honored to have chatted with Nina Buckless at Fiction Writers Review about my new novel Mesilla, my (admittedly odd) writing process, and finding the voice of the story:

“And one can revel in the story and arresting impressions captured in the pages of this novel, a bold story and a true, unapologetic Western. But Robert James Russell also illustrates the sorrow, loss, risk, and struggle of the individuals who may have made their way into or out of this unique place and landscape.”

I am a monstrous fan of FWR—as far as I’m concerned, they are one of the best hubs for discussing literature, publishing, everything in between—and it really means so much to be featured on the site. Thanks again to Nina, and Jeremy Chamberlin, for everything.

And check out Mesilla, too, if you’re so inclined.

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