Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters – Workshops

I was honored to be asked to present two workshops at the Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters (GLCL), which is

a nonprofit organization based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was started by a small group of enthusiastic people with a passion for literature and a background in bookselling. In creating the nonprofit, the group hoped to satisfy a simple, but vital, mission: to encourage, promote, and celebrate the literary endeavors of writers within the Great Lakes region.

I’ll be leading two workshops. Details are below. There can only be 12 participants per, and there is a fee, so if you’re interested, check it out as soon as you can. So excited for this, to be doing some literary work in my hometown, and to partner with the wonderful GLCL. Should be a blast.

Workshop 1: Art of the Flash: Telling a Story In a Limited Space
When: May 3, from 3-5 PM.
About: A misconception that writers often adhere to is that stories must be densely-packed, long-winded affairs in order to be wholly effective. However, brief stories can be just as successful in creating lasting characters and emotional responses, utilizing every word to its fullest potential. This class will explore the art of flash-fiction writing, creating a compact story without losing the meaning. We’ll peel back superfluous storytelling methods in order to get back to the basics, and in doing so, we’ll explore ways in which to create pieces of maximum impact using minimal space.

Workshop 2: Worth the Fighting For: Utilizing Place and Environment In Your Writing
When: June 14, from 3-5 PM.
About: Sometimes, the concept of place in storytelling can become an inadvertent hindrance to the story itself. Misplacement of characters in environments that hinder their development or fail to reflect the greater ideas presented in the story can create jarring inconsistencies. How can environment used in storytelling be utilized effectively without going too far and ultimately detracting from plot and character? This class will delve into the concept of “place” in storytelling, provide strategies for making appropriate choices, and illustrate methods for successful use of environment in your writing.


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