DAMTSIO: The Cover

15858717983_843abe09bc_zI’m officially in love with the cover to my upcoming chapbook (read: short collection) Don’t Ask Me to Spell It Out, due out in April from WhiskeyPaper Press.

Check out the WhiskeyPaper site to see the back cover (also very nifty with a WP seal on every copy!) plus all of the advanced praise and whatnot I’m so grateful to have received.

And here’s the synopsis: A great storm and its effect on a young family; a woman with a rifle in a barren landscape; boys discovering the world of possibility in online sexuality; a couple at a scenic overlook, their relationship at the verge of dissolution. Each story in Don’t Ask Me to Spell It Out is a sliver of time pulled from the life of a young man, each a fragment of feeling, each a pivotal intersection of relationships. They are stories about the desperation of trying to fit in and find a kindred, to understand the elusive essence of love in all forms, to fill a void of solitude that only seems to grow as we do. They navigate the mysteries of relationships between men and women, of family and geography, and find a recurring theme of abject longing throughout.

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