Choose Your Own Adventure — Lockjaw Magazine

Lockjaw Magazine, an excellent literary journal, decided to do a Choose Your Own Adventure-style writing project, where various authors would write different sections of one massive, wonderfully weird story. I took part (part 7-1), and here’s some of that:

You lay the fleshy arm along your shoulders, bracing yourself to help her stand. She emits a low-frequency buzzing as the torso twists to the side of the chair, the legs twisting after, and the feet—large metal pads—plant into the ground. Her face blinks on/off as the guts of the machine fume until finally—finally—she is standing next to you. She is tall—magnificent. You feel as if you could have loved her in some other life.

Don’t want to ruin it for you. You can start the whole thing here, but, if so desired, you can read just my section here.

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