Bathroom Graffiti – Uknown bar | Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | 9.04.2009

Little known fact about me: I enjoy taking pictures of bathroom graffiti. Why? I’ve always found there to be something wretchedly beautiful about it, the fact someone sat there in their most personal of moments and scrawled words or pictures for others to see (even if, more often than not, said graffiti is rife with crassness).

At any rate, the beauty of living in an age where we have cameras built into our cell phones means I can take photographs of the more artsy, meaningful graffiti as I come across it at random, the stuff I just find brilliantly beautiful for whatever reason (be it color scheme, the drunken free verse, or even just the texture of the wall being written upon). So, going forward, I’m going to be posting a series of bathroom graffiti photos as I come across them in my day-to-day happenings in an attempt to immortalize an art-form looked over by most. My ultimately goal, when I have enough of these, will be to publish them in a book.

This first batch is a bit old, from September 2009 when I was vacationing in Australia. I believe all of these photos come from a single bar in Melbourne (although I forget the name of the establishment).

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