New essay “Wood” at Gulf Coast

Part 2 of my four-part art + words essay series ORIGIN STORY is up at Gulf Coast. Part 2 examines WOOD (but also: trees + our bodies + loss).

It’s 2008 and I’m living in a cheap apartment complex outside of Detroit. I’m in a relationship growing distant by the day; neither of us laugh any more, we barely talk. Instead, we eat takeout over my beaten up coffee table watching reruns of tv shows we’ve seen a hundred times already. The beige paint on the outside of my building is peeling, showing a light blue base coat. It’s springtime and wet here, showers almost every day, wind slapping the roof and cheap siding. Inside, they’ve pasted peel-and-stick wood paneling along the bedroom and living room walls as some sort of placation.

Check out Part 1 here (all about purple).

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