The Yellow Barn

(I use Grammarly’s plagiarism checker because teaching freshman English has made me question all that I know in this world.)

Ann Arbor, my home, is many things—chief among them, a hub of arts and art-related activities. It’s a wonderful place to be as an artist, to see concerts, to engage other like-minded individuals. Which is why I’m so excited to help promote the Yellow Barn.


The Yellow Barn is just that—a big, yellow barn—but one that aims to be the center of the arts community in Ann Arbor. They promote themselves as “Community Supported Culture (CSC)”, and much like a CSA farm-share, you can purchase a “Yellow Card” that gives you access to any and all concerts, readings or any other things they have going on. This collective space is something I feel very strongly about, having a home for artists to be able to work together, and it goes one step further by also offering (very affordable) classes on a wide variety of subjects. Again, the idea here is to present art in a way that is accessible and affordable to all—inclusiveness being the name of the game. And as a writer, as someone who absolutely loves mingling with other artists, this is just an incredible thing they’re doing.

So, if you’re interested in supporting the Yellow Barn, check out their website where they also have information about their mission, the yellow card, upcoming events, etc. And you can absolutely attend events without a yellow card, so if you’re on the fence, they urge you to stop by, check it out—get a feel of the place. And really: it’s a great space with a great mission, so if you live nearby, stop in, see what you think.

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