In Which I Pimp Bands I Like: Volume 3

A shorty but goody.

Band: Choir of Young Believers
Song: Action/Reaction
Album: This Is for the White in Your Eyes
Label: Ghostly Int’l

Band: Discovery
Song: Swing Tree
Album: LP
Label: XL

Band: Fruit Bats
Song: The Ruminant Band
Album: The Ruminant Band
Label: Sub Pop

Band: Forest Fire
Song: Fortune Teller
Album: Survival
Label: Infinite Best

In Which I Pimp Bands I Like: Volume 2

You know the drill. Enjoy these flowery songs on this beautiful weekend.

Band: The New Pornographers
Song: Your Hands (Together)
Album: Together
Label: Matador (out May 4, 2010)

Band: The Morning Benders
Song: Excuses
Album: Big Echo
Label: Rough Trade

Band: Broken Social Scene
Song: World Sick
Album: Forgiveness Rock Record
Label: Arts & Crafts (out May 4, 2010)

Band: Gorillaz
Song: Stylo (Feat. Mos Def and Bobby Womack)
Album: Plastic Beach
Label: Virgin Records:
Note: Embedding of the video is disabled by YouTube, but it’s pretty sweet, so check it out here:

Band: The Radio Dept.
Song: Heaven’s on Fire
Album: Clinging to a Scheme
Label: Labrador

Band: Hot Chip
Song: I Feel Better
Album: One Life Stand
Label: Astralwerks – Caroline
Note: The actual video (which you can check out here: was directed by British comedian Peter Serafinowicz – and it is awesome.

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In Which I Pimp Bands I Like: Volume 1

I’m a big fan of music, generally, and I don’t necessarily care for when people ask me what my favorite band is at any given moment (too hard to pick, people!). I tend to get a new album about every week, so, figured I’d start posting some stuff here that I like, so when people DO inevitably ask me about this inane question, I can point these posts out. Get it? Good.

Thus begins Volume 1:

Band: jj
Song: Things Will Never Be The Same Again
Album: n° 2
Label: Sincerely Yours’
Note: They’re from Sweden!

Band: Broken Bells
Song: The High Road
Album: Broken Bells
Label: Sony
Note: Consists of Danger Mouse and James Mercer of The Shins

Band: Owen Pallett
Song: Lewis Takes Off His Shirt
Album: Heartland
Label: Domino Records
Note: Released all his prior albums as Final Fantasy (being a fan of the popular RPG series)

Band: Aloe Blacc
Song: I Need A Dollar
Album: N/A
Stones Throw Records
Note: This song is played over the opening credits of the HBO show How to Make it in America

Band: Starfucker
Song: Pop Song
Album: Starfucker
Label: Badman Records
Note: Have since changed the band name to Pyramiddd