Poem: Lvoe

like a hundred cracks of thunder

or my brain seizing up, going all floppy on me

little whirlwind dreamscapes brought to life by a single touch

a single look

the look she knows how to throw

perfected since adolescence, perfected since her first crush on that boy, Kevin

her first kiss

but she can take that same look and change it, make it hard and mean

a woman scorned

her look like daggers coming fast and hard

a train barreling toward you

and you wonder what you did

what did I do?

but when its good its good and her body

you have it memorized

you know how it tastes


feels against yours

and even on the worst of days when things are bad

between you two and the world

even on those days it’s pretty damn good and you wonder

how you could have ever lived without her

and during those moments the world is a very beautiful place

and you two, the last survivors of love, make it your own

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