Nominate me for a Shorty Award…please!

As of today, I am officially campaigning for a Shorty Award.

What’s a Shorty Award? Per the official website:

The Shorty Awards honor the best people and organizations on Twitter and social media.

Pretty simple. I’m campaigning for the #author category, so if you have a Twitter account, here’s what you need to do:

  • Send a tweet like this: I nominate @robhollywood for a Shorty Award in #author because… (add reason here)
  • You can also tweet shorter votes like this: #shortyawards @robhollywood #author (add quick reason here). This shorter format is helpful if you want to vote from a party, on the road, in a meeting, or on a boat
  • Be as creative as you want with the reason
  • A tweet that does not give a reason for the nomination will not be counted
  • The nomination must be relevant to the category
  • Vote for as many different people as you want, in as many categories as you want, as often as you want
  • Only one person and one category per tweet
  • Voting for the same person in the same category more than once just replaces the text of your original vote; it does not count as an additional vote

Simple. My twitter handle is @robhollywood.  Last year Neil Gaiman won, so I don’t expect to take the top prize, but I am hoping to crack the top ten. So, any help all y’all can give would be greatly appreciated.

Nominate @robhollywood in the Shorty Awards!

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