New story “To Kill Them to Break Them” published in Poiesis Review

Poiesis_6_front_coverYou can find my short story “To Kill Them to Break Them” in Poiesis Review No. 6, which is now available for purchase.

A sample: The man had surprised the boy—moved in up behind fast from the darkest corner of the cabin—but the boy, quick and sure-footed, dodged and grabbed the knife that had been dropped—the one used for snuffing out his mother’s light—and stuck the man in the gut. The boy kept hold of the handle as the man yipped, reached out with old, bone-thin fingers, scraping at the boy’s face. But the boy kept steadfast, shoved the knife in deep, wiggled it in both directions, opened the man up good, and watched as blood poured ceaseless.

Poiesis Review is a great publication, and I’m fortunate to be sharing the pages of No. 6 with some brilliant writers and poets. You can pick up a copy in either print or digital formats (the price is great for how much reading you’re getting). Also: The cover for this issue is absolutely gorgeous.

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