New story “The Rough and Tumble Sort” at Joyland

Family trips to Missouri, guns, and the glory days of AOL chat rooms:  I’m beyond excited to have my story “The Rough and Tumble Sort” published at Joyland as part of their Michigan Stories Series:

It culminated when, a year before, during our annual haul down south, he chased me and my cousins around with his belt in one hand, Coors in the other, fire screaming in his eyes and coal-black beard bouncing along as he lumbered after us in the yard of my great aunt’s place. At first we kids thought it was a game, all this chasing and screaming, and initially everyone—my folks included—thought so too. But it soon became apparent that the man was out for blood and would not rest until he had some—from any of us.

Honored to be in such great company, and you should definitely check the rest of the Michigan stories out.

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