New story “The Property…” at Storychord

My short story “The Property at 6630 23½ Mile Road” is now live at Storychord Issue #107:

They came in the night for Lee Cabell’s things—two men, August and John, sent to take back what the old man could no longer afford. They had parked a quarter mile down 23½ Mile Road just after midnight, could just make out the farmhouse silhouetted against the dark sky and flanked by moonlit swatches of chapped and scarred fields that went on for acres and acres before butting up against great spans of maple and beech and basswood.

I’m doubly delighted: This is a piece I’ve loved for a long time (based on a true story!), and I also am madly deeply in love with Storychord, a journal that publishes a story plus a corresponding image and song in order to create a “collaborative, multi-media storytelling experience.” Since I so often dip into other medias to find inspiration, this is a match made in heaven.

My corresponding pieces:

Digital collage by Christine Stoddard
Thin Lear “Second Nature”

Thanks to editor/founder Sarah Lynn Knowles for everything—honored to be a part of Storychord.

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