New story “She Lit a Fire” in Passages North Issue 38

I am beyond delighted that my story “She Lit a Fire”—which was the 2016 Waasnode Fiction Prize Honorable Mention—is in the new issue of Passages North, a journal I’ve long-admired and am thrilled to be a part of:

I turned back to the squirrel. “First thing you have to do is get it wet so the fur doesn’t stick to the meat. You don’t want that.” I dunked it in the shallows of the lake, splashed the water over it. I laid it back across the rock and looked at Sam who had her arms crossed, that expression of hers I hated. I wanted this to be a big success, this whole trip, but I knew Sam was right. Even still, there was still so much we had to do and I had to be careful. Couldn’t afford to give up, to let things go to shit.

I let the air idle between us a minute, said, “So next you cut a little slit under the tail here, like this.” I cut and could feel her eyes on me. “You don’t want to go too deep, though. Don’t want to puncture the meat.”

Judge Tiphanie Yanique had this to say about my piece:

This story is written smartly from the first person perspective of a father who is witnessing his transgendered child’s transition from male to female. Though the father is a dead beat and the child an angsty young adult, the reader feels for both of them as they navigate the American wilderness on an impromptu camping trip. A darkness at the heart of the trip keeps the reader feeling on edge. Ultimately, it is the dad who undergoes at least a couple of transitions over the course of the story.

This is a seriously excellent issue—I’m sharing pages with some amazing talents—and I can’t recommend checking it out enough.

And, again, you can read “She Lit a Fire” here.

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