New story “Recompensate, He Said” at BULL

cowboyThrilled an honored to have my story “Recompensate, He Said” up at BULL:

The cabin took to burning and the roof collapsed in on itself within a half an hour and he watched in wonder as his horse paraded and rummaged through a stray clump of tussock.  Everett scouted the area and followed a path that continued past the cabin through a narrow precipice that spilled out onto the flood plains.  He leaned against a copper-colored hill of rock and vegetation at the trailhead and took the map out again, tracing his finger from where he presumed he was currently stationed.  He would head south from the flood plains and then cross the Rio Grande at its most narrow and then he’d be in Mesilla.

I’ve been a fan of Westerns nearly my whole life, and went through a monstrous Western writing phase a few years back. “Recompensate, He Said” was a story I loved for a long while, but never thought would see the light of day—not many places dig Westerns, in addition to it being on the long side—so I was beyond excited when BULL—a journal I’ve long admired—accepted it for publication. Couldn’t be happier with how it turned out, and let me tell ya, this has me wanting to revisit this genre again…

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