New story “It’s Not Even Past” in Synaesthesia Magazine

I’m so, so excited to have my story “It’s Not Even Past” in the Americana issue of Synaesthesia Magazine:

We load the TV in and Caleb rigs it up while I survey the crowd: they’re pasty and cherry-faced and freckled, see more of myself in them than I’d care to. They talk amongst themselves wearing oversized tees and ill-fitting sundresses, lounging and whooping between labored breaths as the sky fires up orange-red in defense of the night.

Synaesthesia Magazine has been one of my favorites for a long while. Each issue is gorgeous, and you can see all the work that went into the design—and I’m a sucker for good design. Even more so, the theme of this issue, Americana, hit home for me, and I was beyond thrilled to learn my story would be included along with so many other talented folks. Definitely worth a flip through, this issue. It’s a good’n.

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