New short “Great Mind Destroyer” Published at Joyland

I’m excited to announce my short story “Great Mind Destroyer” was accepted for publication at Joyland: A Hub for Short Fiction, and is now up on their site:

He sits on the bed and chugs the beer and she sits next to him, casually placing her body in a way that suggests friendship yet clearly indicates there is more to come, if desired.  He looks straight ahead and she realizes he purposely isn’t making eye contact with her, but isn’t sure if it’s because he’s nervous or because he knows her game and he’s trying to avoid playing.  “So, you like my room?”

“Yeah, it’s nice.  I need to get a new lamp,” he says, bored, drinking his beer.

If you aren’t familiar with Joyland, you should be: It’s a fantastic online (and sometimes print) journal.

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