New flash fiction piece “Red Rope” at Pidgeonholes

My breathless flash fiction piece “Red Rope” is up at Pidgeonholes today and I’m so so grateful. It’s about regret and a rollerskating rink about to be demolished. Plus, I got asked to contribute the below art to the project: double excitement. 

When we pulled up to the skate rink I was reciting Motownphilly from memory and she wasn’t impressed but I kept going and the rink was exactly how I remembered: it looked like a corrugated metal airplane hangar with a crooked white banner hanging off the side advertising in blocky red text the FREE COMMUNITY SKATE—right behind it, still, the American Legion post sat sagged and tired and it was mostly the same, but now the paint job’s gone from seafoam green to red and white stripes…

I’ve long loved the work that Pidgeonholes publishes, and I’m grateful to editors Jennifer Todhunter and Cathy Ulrich for picking this up.


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