New CNF piece “Corpus” in Split Lip Magazine

Split Lip Magazine has been a white whale publication of mine for a long while, and I am deliriously overjoyed that my creative nonfiction piece “Corpus”—about my proximity to a Stradivarius violin and accepting that we can’t control what will become of us—is in the September issue, which you can read online:

I want that to be played on a hot summer’s night in some backyard. Maybe there’s a charcoal grill blazing, an unused children’s playset overgrown with grasses, blown seeds stuck clumped in the wooden seams like white fur, children playing and swimming with bright orange foam noodles in a blue above-ground pool. I want to be played in that backyard, a soundtrack for the suburban crepuscular, a nocturne relishing the length of days.

A huge thanks to Kaitlyn Andrews-Rice and Ray Shea at SLM for publishing it and being wonderful to work with. I also participated in their Now Playing column, where I talk about what I’ve been listening to lately. You can read that here.

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