Midwestern Gothic + Creative Nonfiction

When Midwestern Gothic was founded, the idea was—and still very much is—to catalog the region, the people and places, the idiosyncrasies that make the Midwest so great, through stories and poetry. As simple as that. Not soon after we launched we were asked about Creative Nonfiction submissions, and our answer was always “Maybe someday!” And that questions never stopped coming.

Well, that day is here: Issue 11 (Fall 2013) of Midwestern Gothic will be devoted completely to Creative Nonfiction. It’s our hope that this will further expand the reach of our mission, including nonfiction stories to compliment all of the fiction and poetry we’ve collected within ten issues. We absolutely can’t wait to see the unique turn this issue takes.

For more information about what we’re looking for in regards to Creative Nonfiction, or to submit a piece, click here.

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