MG Issue 12 (Winter 2014) is here

A bit behind—I’ve been out of the country for the past two weeks—but I’m back and happy to announce that Midwestern Gothic Issue 12 (Winter 2014) is now available.

I look at the Midwestern Gothic catalog and it’s crazy to see how many we’ve done, how far we’ve come. Crazier to think we’re now in 2014—and that this year’s Spring issue will officially mark our three year anniversary. But one thing that consistently stands out is the quality of each issue published: I so often sing the praises of the newest issue, saying it is the best, usually because we continually gain the notice of amazing writers and poets who want to be published within our pages. Our goal is to do the Midwest region a service by showcasing the very best, and it’s pretty fantastic to think that we’re doing just that—no back-peddling here, none at all. I’m fortunate for the submissions we get, and if this first issue is any indication, I think 2014 is going to be another fantastic year for Midwestern Gothic.

Pick up a copy of Issue 12: $12 (Print), $2.99 (eBook).

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