Korean baseball

I finally got to go to a Korean baseball game last weekend.  I was feeling better, so Jeff and Andrew and I decided to go see the Incheon SK Wyverns play.  They were the Korean league champions last year.

Baseball’s crazy in this country.  There are only 8 teams and they play 100 games a year – so really, they just keep playing the same teams over and over.  I imagine that gets a bit boring.

Like most professional sports in Korea, though, there’s so much energy there.  Group chants, team colors, loud noises – they got it all.  Really, really great.  While some people at a baseball game in America might stand up and cheer, here they have routines they go through.  It’s really something special.

So, we splurged and got the expensive tickets – six dollars. And there are no assigned seats, which is cool, so you can basically sit anywhere. At first we headed over to the visitors’ side, where it was a bit empty, and managed to sit right by the third base. Very, very cool. Oh, and they had some mega-good hot dogs and cheap beer. Can’t go wrong.

Some pics:And a video:


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