Head Lopper #1

Head Lopper is a new comic series in the vein of Hellboy, but with a story uncluttered from years of mythology that really does nothing but weigh itself down (I’m looking at your current run, Mignola). It’s a punch-in-the-face sword and sorcery epic—gorgeously rendered from start to finish—that follows the hulking warrior Norgal as he travels the world slaying great beasts. Yes, that is all you need to know.

The best part? Creator/Artist/Writer Andrew MacLean has published the book himself. Done everything himself, in fact, except colors. Pretty awesome to see something so great done for nothing more than a love of the story. And if this series continues to be this awesome, it will easily be one of my favorites out there.

You can pick up a copy of issue #1 (print or PDF) on his site, where Mister MacLean also posts regular updates about the series (pencils, inks, etc.). (And check out a couple sample pages below.)

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