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In January 2016 I started working as Director of Development for the Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters, a non-profit Writers’ Center dedicated to encouraging, promoting, and celebrating the craft of writing, the endeavors of writers, and the importance of the literary arts in the communities of the Great Lakes region.

I love this organization, this position. I love being able to help people discover the joys of writing, help them discover writers, new things to read.

However, we are a nonprofit, and we exist only with help from the public. That’s why through Saturday, April 23, I’m hosting a mini digital fundraiser. Our goal: $1,000 to be raised completely online. All proceeds will go to fund GLCL’s operational support, as well as projects and programs new and returning. (And we have some amazing things coming up—residencies, awards, manuscript consultations, panels…you name it.) These donations go towards keeping our doors open, making us space for writers, to bring in people who may not get to learn about writing and the importance of it otherwise.

What I’m asking from people—strangers, family and friends alike—is that even if you don’t live in the Grand Rapids/Great Lakes Region, to be a good literary citizen and help us out. Literally any amount helps—even $1. All supporters, too, will get added to our donor directory.

So, please: Give what you can. Help us out. Tell your friends. This is important and necessary and vital for our existence. Thanks in advance for your support!

And if you want to know more about the GLCL, we live here:


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