Fortresses and temples and Seoul, oh my!

So, four of us went to Namhansenseong Fortress yesterday.  It’s on the outskirts of Seoul which is seriously the largest city I have ever seen.  It’s ridiculous.  Ten million people.  It stretches for days!

 The fortress was little more than a giant wall that outlined a massive amount of property.  We had to hike a very steep incline and there lots of Koreans doing the same – yesterday was Election Day, a national holiday, so everyone had the day off.  Anyway, it was really, really beautiful and it was nice seeing some Korean culture (rather than bars and subways – although they too serve their purpose).

Oh, and there was a temple up top.  It was ridiculously cool, and from what I’ve been told, that’s nothing compared to some of the others around Korea.   Ross tried lighting some incense, but was doing it wrong, so a Korean woman came up to him and showed him the right way.  It was very, very cool.

Anyway, enjoy the pics and here’s a few videos.  I hate my voice, by the way.

This first one is us walking up these steps that never ended. I mean, they did end, but not for a while.

This next one is a view from the highest point we reached during our trek. Seriously, Seoul is massive. You have no idea.

And here’s some pics of the excursion. Enjoy!Ciao.

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