Dr. Fish

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. 

Obviously there are cultural differences between every country, major and minor, but it’s these things that make us unique, right? Well, there’s this place in Incheon called Dr. Fish (I think the idea came from China, though…I think) and I went to it yesterday and the basic premise is that it’s a sorta swanky coffee shop (with ice cream).  The kicker is, though, that for two dollars you can pay to immerse your bare feet in a fish tank with a ton of little fishies swimming around and they eat the dead skin off your soles.  Seriously.

And why not, I say?!

So we went.  And it was nutty.  I’m not usually a ticklish person, but my god it was bad!  I was squealing like a little girl.  The second you put your feet/legs/hands in, they just swarm to you and go to town cleaning.  Now, I consider myself a clean person, of course, but we all lose a crap-ton of dead cells every day (they slough off when we do anything), so having them feed some hungry fishies instead of going to waste was change of pace.

At any rate, here are some videos.  Please bear in mind I already know I sound like a child.

Part I: Hello, fishies!

Part II: A little bit braver now

Part III: I think I can


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