Cataloging Michigan #007: Open Space

7_Open Space

There is no denying the sparseness of Michigan, the relative quiet of its landscapes. History details that immigrants freshly-arrived from their home countries saw this specific region as one where the American Dream was alive and kicking—where they could have the land they desired to tend animals and raise crops. Where they could spread out, enjoy the natural bounties and raise families and, in general, be happy. And sure, cities sprang up here and there…eventually. But when you travel through Michigan, even today, that hushed, pastoral calm is what greets you: all that open space, perhaps a lone cow in the field, some undisturbed growth of beech or maple in the distance…and it is such a wonderful thing, being able to stretch out without fear of encroaching on someone else. Soaking it all in without all that noise pollution. Here’s to hoping that never changes.

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