New CNF piece “Blue Raspberry” at The Boiler

I’m thrilled that my CNF piece “Blue Raspberry”—about my time working at Abercrombie & Fitch, feelings of inadequacy, and the lengths we’ll go to to fit in—is in the new issue of The Boiler: 

When I woke up twenty or so minutes later, I had drooled on the clothes, made a sort of nest. I looked at myself in the mirror: ruddy-faced, blood-shot eyes, sunken cheeks. On the wall behind me hung a poster advertising the new styles of jeans for the upcoming winter season. I admired the way they hung on the hips of the male model, how they fit him perfectly, even though I knew how these photos worked: clothes pinned and pulled back, tightened and loosened for maximum perfection.

I’m really so thrilled—The Boiler is a fantastic journal and I’m stoked to be a part of this double-sized, superb issue; a huge thanks to Sebastian for including this piece.

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