Article “Hidden History” in Ann Arbor Current

FullSizeRender (2)So very excited to have my very first article “Hidden History: Alley Bar” in the Ann Arbor Current:

No pictures are known to exist of Charles Binder. Yet, you can just picture him leaning against the pine bar top that stretches nearly half the length of the building at 112 W. Liberty St, dispassionately browsing through advertisements in the now-defunct Ann Arbor Argus—Hangsterfer’s French hand-made bonbons, Clark’s Mile-End Spool Cotton, and Eisenbarth Liver Pills meant to “stimulate a sluggish system.”

I’m stoked for a couple of reasons: First, I love history, and this gave me a chance to really dig into the goings-on of Ann Arbor. But also, this is my absolutely favorite bar in town, so getting to write about a place I love with so much history was a win-win. I should also mention this is my first time writing an essay/article like this, and I had a blast. So that’s something, I guess.

And if you live in/around Ann Arbor, you can also pick up a copy of this month’s Current that features the story, too.

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